Spanish I (3161)

Grade Level:  8th  and up

Prerequisite:  None

Description: This is a first year course designed as a basic Spanish course with numerous and varied opportunities to develop ability in the fundamental language skills.  These skills are listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  There is also information on culture, grammar, and work study.  This course includes presentation of practical, everyday conversation.

Spanish III (3163)

Grade Level: 10th and up

Prerequisite:  Spanish II

Description: Students will continue building vocabulary and grammar by reading short classical and modern stories and plays.  Videos and cassette tapes will be used to enhance texts and workbooks.  Intermediate level magazines will be used to keep students aware of current events in the Hispanic world.  A field trip to a Spanish play will be added to the students learning experience.

Spanish II (3162)

Grade Level:  9th and up

Prerequisite:  Spanish I

Description: A continuation of Spanish I involves reviewing the basic skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, and extending the student's understanding of the cultural and historical nature of the language.  In addition to the text, a second year magazine as well as videos and films are used to promote interest.  Spanish II students will be given the opportunity to a field trip to a Spanish/English theater production.  Foreign Language Club is a "must for second year students".