Things You Should Be Doing

  1. Check with your counselor to be sure you are enrolled in enough credits to graduate.
  2. Attend College/Career Fair
  3. Narrow you college choices to a few schools and go online for applications.
  4. Make college visits.
  5. Do one practice ACT subject test per night.(Approximately 1 hour per sub-test)
  6. Take the  ACT or SAT or sign up for Dec. test date.
  7. Contact admissions offices of colleges and/or Career Tech schools you plan to attend to set up campus visits (August - December).
  8. Finalize plans for post-high school. (College, Vocational or Trade Schools, Military). If you have already finalized your plans, go online and complete the application process for admission, scholarship and housing. Early application will insure preferential treatment for housing.
  9. Students cannot begin the financial aid application process until January, however Students and parents are advised to establish a PIN number as soon as possible if they have not already done so. PIN registration for students and parents must be completed  online at  Note-PIN’s do NOT expire and will be used each year.  This will speed the financial aid process when you file the FAFSA.
  10. Students are encouraged to complete a FAFSA on the web worksheet and then file it on the web  as soon as possible after January 1st. If you wish to file a paper copy, you must call 1-800-433-3243 and request a paper copy. (Paper copies are no longer mailed to high school counselors or college financial aid offices.) (As soon as possible after January 1) Make every attempt to have financial aid application (FAFSA) filed by March 1st. (There is not a deadline for financial aid, but campus based funds and the OTAG are awarded on a first come first serve basis.  The PELL Grant is an entitlement and has no deadline and funds do NOT run out.  Students who do NOT have financial need and wish to file for a loan MUST also file a FAFSA to prove they do not have need before a federal loan can be awarded.) I strongly encourage your parents to have their taxes figured early because the FAFSA information comes directly from the completed tax returns.  They can still wait to file their taxes on April 15th .
  11. OHLAP  (Now called Oklahoma Promise) recipients MUST file a FAFSA at most schools. OU-Sooner Promise, OSU-Cowboy Covenant now will pay for books and mandatory fees as well as tuition with the filing of the FAFSA whether the student qualifies for aid of not..  Most all schools are in the process of developing a program of this type to compete with Sooner Promise and Cowboy Covenant.
  12. Seniors who have signed up for OHLAP/Oklahoma Promise need to re-check their transcript and enrollment to make sure all program requirements have been met! (See Mrs. Auld)
  13. If you are 18 years of age you MUST register for the selective service to be eligible for financial aid.  You may register online at
  14. Sign up with NCAA Eligibility Center if you plan to be a student athlete in college.
  15. April 1 is final application deadline for larger University.
  16. Talk to friends about how your senior class can leave SHS with a "Positive Legacy" for future classes