Welcome to Seminole Chieftain Football
Welcome to another exciting year of Chieftain football.  Seminole Football is one of the most prestigious programs in the state of Oklahoma.  The Daily Oklahoman newspaper recently rated all teams in the state on tradition.  Seminole football was ranked #5 in the state.  Seminole football is the only program in the state that has played for the state championship at least once in each of the past seven decades.  Seminole is ranked #8 in total number of wins of all football programs in the state.  We are also the #102 ranked team in the nation in number of wins.

Seminole has a tremendous amount of fan support throughout the school system and the community.  There have been outstanding players, coaches, and supporters that have made this success possible.  There is a huge amount of pressure on us as coaches to maintain this rich tradition.  Through hard work and commitment to this program we will share in the future victories that are played in front of great fans in Chieftain Stadium.

As a Seminole coach, you have to demand commitment and a level of excellence from our players that allows them to achieve things that they have thought impossible.  When a coach gets a group of players to blend together and achieve greatness it is an experience unique to coaching.  We hold the future of young men in our hands.  As coaches, we must mold their character, their athletic ability, and their values.  As a coach we have to do everything we can to give our players the background necessary to succeed in life.  I want our players later in life to feel that their success came from playing football at Seminole High School.  I want us as coaches to be able to say that to our best ability we tried to provide them with a work ethic, and the ability to excel at crucial times, and determination to be as good as they could at whatever they do.  Our job is to get us to play as well as we can as often as we can.  More than everything else that is what we have to do, and it will have a direct carry-over to whatever each young man winds up doing in life.  Individual commitment to a group effort is what makes teamwork, a company work, a society work and civilization.

We have borrowed a term from the Lakota Sioux "HANTA YO."  Which basically means The Spirit of past Chieftains Goes Before Us.

We Believe that Tradition Never Graduates.

Yours in football,

Coach Snyder

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